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Resetting/Changing Passwords

At this point, teachers can not reset their own passwords. Someone at the building level (usually a registrar) has the ability to reset staff passwords. However you can reset passwords for your students using Infinite Campus. The steps to reset student passwords are:
1. Log in to Infinite Campus

2. Search for the student you need
3. Go to Student Information and click 'General
4. Locate the 'Google Apps' tab
5. Click 'Reset Password'
6. Your password will be displayed on the screen.

This generates a random 8 digit number. You will need to give that number to the student.
To change a password after it has been reset:

Find the drop down arrow on the upper right hand side of the page next to the username. Click on it and chose 'Account Settings'. The password can now be reset to something easier to remember.