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Moving Calendars

fivestarschools.org TRANSFERRING Google CALENDARS adams12.org
Google calendars help you get organized!-
You can have a Google calendar for work, a Google calendar for your personal life, and one that your department or school shares.

You can move your calendar information from fivestarschools.org to adams12.org 

It CAN be done! It DOES require attention to details, which are listed below.


DON'T panic! You have until June 30, 2012 to make the move!

The directions tell you how to:

A. Identify the calendar(s) that you want to transfer to your new Google account

B. Export the calendar from your old Google account (fivestarschools.org)

C. Create a new calendar in your new Google account account (adams12.org)

D. Import your calendar into your new Google account

Sounds easy? It is!

       The directions are very detailed.

              There are many images so that you don’t get lost!
BUT there are people willing to help should you get lost. You can call the IT Help Desk at ext. 4120.

Go to Home and log in to your OLD Google account. You will use your old password, not the login and password that you use to logon to a District computer.

A. Find the calendar that you want to transfer out of your old Google account into your new Google account.

A.1 Click on the arrow to the right of the name of the calendar.  A drop down menu opens.  Click on Calendar settings. A new screen will open.


B. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Locate the Private Address line.  Click on the green ICAL button. A new dialog box will open.


B.1 Right click on the web address shown in the box.  A new dialog box will open.

B.2 In the new box, click on Save target as... The default file name will be "basic.ics". Save this file in a location that you will remember and be able to get to again.   

C. Log out of your fivestarschools.org account Return to http://googleapps.adams12.org/ and log in to your new Google account.

C.1 When your new Google account opens, click on Calendar.


C.2 If you have not already done so, create a new calendar. Click on Add on the left side of the screen under the My calendars label. A new screen will open. Name your new calendar and click Create calendar.

D. Click on Settings on the left side of the screen under the My calendars label. A new menu will open.

D.1 On the next menu click on Import. A new menu will open.

D.2 Use the Browse button to locate the basic.ics file that you downloaded and saved.  Near the bottom of the screen use the arrow on the Calendar line to select the name of the calendar that will receive the information and events from your old calendar.  Click on Import.

D.3 A succesful completion message box will appear.

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