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Now is a good time to clean out your Google account!
Do you collect junk?  Do you make plans to clean up but never do it?  Do you keep hoping that someone else will clean up for you?  
NOW is the time to clean up after yourself!
We are moving to a new Google domain in order to make it a better environment for working with students.  This is a great time to clean up after yourself! Move the stuff you need, leave
                                         the stuff you won't use again. Get organized!
DON'T panic! You have until June 30, 2012 to make the move!
The directions will tell you exactly how to get things done. When you click on a link below, the directions pop open plus you can download a PDF of the directions (attached near the bottom of the page).
Cleaning up can be a drag!
Once all of this is cleaned up then we will have a Google domain that is structured better for students AND staff. Plus, your corner will be clean!  Right?
There are people willing to help if you get lost.  You can call the IT Help Desk at ext. 4120.