Getting Started

    Getting started is simple, but taking a minute to understand some of the details about these accounts is important. First thing to remember is this is not a personal Google, or gmail, account. This Google Apps is a school account and should be used accordingly. Students should think of the accounts like they think about their schools lockers. It is not their 'private' space, but rather school property that they are using. Check out the Resources page to learn more.

To sign in:

Students in grades 3-12 have access to a Google Apps account. Usernames are as follows:
First Initial of First Name, First 3 of Last Name, Day of Birth, The Last 4 digits of your student ID #.
Example for Mark Sanchez it would be msan146454
(Mark was born on the 14th. If he was born on the 3rd it would be msan36454 note we did not use the 0 in front of the 3)

Access to specific tools will vary by grade level. Please see the 'Student' page for more detailed information.
Teachers and Staff

Adams12 staff members use their universal user name as their Google Apps username. However, the password used for Google Apps is independent of your district or Starmail password.

Example: For Mark Sanchez it would be san123456
For your password you need to contact your building level tech support. (Eventually, you will be able to reset your own password in Infinite Campus)