Hosting and Embedding .flv videos

If you have videos in a .flv format you can host them on Google Sites and then use a widget to play them.

Create a 'File Storage Page' in one of your Google Sites using the 'File Cabinet' as the page template.

Go to 'Add file' and find your .flv video and upload it to your 'File Storage Page'

Once your file is on the page you will need to 'right click' on the link of the file and 'Copy Link Location'


Now go to the page that you want to embed the video. Select 'Insert' and 'More Gadgets'->Search for flv in the search box.

I have used the gadget shown in blue below, but you should know most gadgets are not 100% reliable and could go out of service at anytime.

Select the gadget and paste the link you copied from before in to the top box.

You now have to ERASE the ?attredirects=0 at the end of the address

Hit 'OK' and save the page. You will now see a file that is ready to be played and it will have that orange 'Google' cover image.

You can change that image with one you like by following a similar method. Uploading an image to your 'File Storage Page' ->right clicking-> copying the link location-> Pasting it in the 'Image' box of the Alexianon FLV gadget.

To do that first go to 'Edit Page' and then click on the gadget box to find the 'Properties' link

Then paste the link that you copied in to the 'Image' box REMEMBER TO ERASE THE ?atterdirects=0

You will now have our own custom cover image.