Hosting Audio files

If you are able to create and save .mp3 files you can post them on your Google site for people to listen to. 

Create a 'File Storage Page' in your Google site using the 'File Cabinet' as the page template.

Go to 'Add file' and find your .mp3 file and upload it to your 'File Storage Page'

Now create a new page with the 'Web Page' template. This is where you will put your .mp3 files for people to access.
You need to 'right click' on the .mp3 from your 'File Storage Page' and select 'Copy Shortcut' (The picture below is from Internet Explorer other browsers might say 'Copy Link Location')

Go back to the page you would like to put the .mp3 files on. Click 'Edit Page' go to 'Insert' and scroll down to 'More gadgets'.

From there search for mp3 in the search box. (I have had success with the first one listed but the others may work too)

Now, we already copied the link location from the step above (the right click on the file and 'Copy Shortcut') Paste that link in the top box. You need to erase everything after .mp3

Save the page and test it out.